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Do You Need A Wedding Minister/Pastor ?

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Pastor JP Louw

I Conduct Riligious or Non Riligious Wedding Ceremonies is English or Afrikaans


Photographer / Videographer
And Child Friendly !!!!


We offer our service in English or Afrikaans, or both languages.
I am a licensed marriage officiant in Gauteng

I Wil Travel To:


The Free State
Northern Province
Limpop Province
North West Province

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Click Here to verify your marital status

Bi-Lingual Weddings
Non-Denominational Weddings.

Civil Wedding Ceremonies
Blessings Of Children


Maraige Certifacetes in writing will be provided free on your wedding day


I wil guide you Every step Of The way to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable

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Usamabarra Wedding Chapel
This might be one of the best organized wedding chapels in Muldersdrift

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1. Copies of your ID and your witnesses' ID Documents

2. Form BI32 signed by both parents if you are under 18 Download Here

3. from your Lawyer if you have a ante-nuptial contract

4. Form Bl 31 completed by Non South African Citizens without South African ID Documents. Download Here

5. A Letter of No Legal Impediment is needed from your Country of Origen if you are not a South African Citizen

6. 2 ID Photos of the wedding couple.

7. If You are Divorced a copy of the final divorce decree

8. If any party is not a South African Citizen, a copy of your Passport’s page of your photo + the page with your residence permit / visa and a Form Bl 31 is required

9. If any oneof the bridal couple is a widower or widow a copy of the death certificate is required

10. Two witnesses, one for each of the couple to sign the register

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I do not do a long boring sermon I would rather go for a light uplifting and humorous sermon. (Unless you want me too?)

Many couples ask me “Pastor what exactly do you do on our wedding day?” Well here’s what I do in a nutshell…

I make sure that you meet all the legal qualifications to get married I help you to plan the ceremony and give tips and guidance

I am at the chapel at least 30 minutes before the start time to make sure the DJ, musicians, your future husband, best man and any other service provider know the order of events and procedure.

I lead the ceremony and guide you through your wedding vows and see to it that the ceremony finish without any glitches.

I am do all the paperwork as required by law.

I issue you with a marriage certificate.

I personally register your marriage at the Department of Home Affairs

I patiently wait, if the bride is late for the ceremony.

So as you can see, I spend approximately 5 hours and in some cases even more time on one singe wedding.

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AAvianto, Toadburry Hall, Amanzingwe Lodge, Avalon Castle, Batter Boys, Bayete Estate, Bentleys Country Lodge, Diamond Hill, Die Grasdak, Green Leaves, Irene Country Lodge, L'Aquila, Mellow Oaks, Everwood, Diep In Die Berg, Tuscan BBQ, Berg Valey Estate, Oakfield Farm, Safari Garden Centre, Farm Inn, Moon And Sixpence, Eat @ Essance, Valverde, Voortrekker Monument, Zebra Country Lodge, St Georges Hote,l Bushmens Pond, Swan's Res,t Mabula Lodge, Zebula Lodge, Mabalingwe, Klein Kariba, Euphoria Estate, The Thatchery, Provance Tea Garden, Kwalata Lodge, River Meadow Manor, Centurion Country Club, Chez Charlene, Gold Reef City, Pretoria Old Boys Club, Fraaigesigt, Kleinkaap, Equestria Palms, Cedar Lodge, Idle Winds, Esparanza, Red Ivory Lodge, Klip Rivier Estate, Duck And Dine, The Collection Bali, Die Werf, Stonehaven On Vaal, Glenburn Lodge, Usumbarra, Leopard Lodge, Villa Jana,


Wedding Photographers

Rike Coetzer - Female Sax Player

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Make You Wedding Day Special And Book Now To Avoid Disappointment

Wedding Pastor / Priest / Dominee / Minister / Officiant For Hire !!

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I am willing to marry any heterosexual couple (man and woman). As a friend I will not judge them on their beliefs, or on their fitness to be married. I will accommodate all those who come to me, divorced, living together or single. When two people wilfully decide to commit their ongoing love one to another, it establishes a deep covenantal and unbreakable bond


My mission is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and exceptional wedding ceremony to the quality conscious client who demands only the very best. Today, value is more important than ever. I am determined to give you the most complete wedding ceremony package with no hidden costs. I invite you to compare my quality of service with any other marraige officiant service in your area. If you are planning a wedding I hope your search will end here.I will provide a professional wedding ceremony service. I also have a wedding Church and Chapel available that can accomodate about 200 guests.

As a wedding minister and preacher bringing people together in holy matrimony is one of the most rewarding things I could ever do. Marriage provides the perfect context to grow individually and together. As you give and receive unconditional love, you become increasingly secure and strong as a person. Trust and transparency grow over time as you celebrate the joys and share life's sorrows together.

Choosing a wedding ceremony officiant for your big day can be a daunting task. If you are getting married in your church or synagogue, the decision is simple…you take what they give you, usually. But maybe you don't belong to a church yet and want a heartfelt ceremony that expresses your personal beliefs. If you are like many brides- and grooms-to-be, you are looking for creative alternatives to the traditional cookie-cutter ceremony You deserve to have your wedding ceremony be like no other and to develop a warm and personal relationship with your marraige officiant or wedding minister.

With the popularity of out-of-church-weddings, many people are hanging out their shingles calling themselves "wedding officiants". Beware, there are lots of amateurs out there and you don't want to be the victim of a hit and run preacher that detroys your extremely important wedding day I do not require you to attend any instruction or pre-marital classes, but may at times suggest these as tools to help you to strengthen your relationship with each other for the future. Marriage is a big decision in one’s life and at times, like everything else we need to take time to look at the instructions. If you do not agree with these suggestions it will in no way affect our relationship with each other.

You might not belong to a certain church , and this might mean seeking a minister or rabbi from outside your usual church congregation. I am môre than willing to do your ceremony at a non-religious site such as a wedding venue chapel, hotel, outdoors, my church or any other place of your choice.

In a few of my cases, the bride and groom will choose to have a non religious secular officiant for their wedding ceremony. It might be that neither is religious, and they ussually choose to have a neutral wedding, or it may be that they want to get married at a wedding venue where they cannot have their usual preacher or minister or wedding priest present.

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Justice of the peace, are most frequently chosen to me. wedding officiants for non-religious weddings. Shop around to find a Justice of the peace. with whom you click. Like anyone else, they will each have their own unique style. Do you want an pastor with a sense of humor or do you want one who is more serious? Check if the officiant is willing to take a little time to get to know you before the wedding so that they can personalize the ceremony a bit. It makes for a much meaningful and more romantic wedding ceremony.

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Remember that even if it is not possible for your church reverent to become legal to marry you, they can share the role with another preacher who can make the marriage official. That can be a great solution which allows you to have the unique ceremony you deserve.

Click Here for a free quotation for your wedding ceremony

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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiator or Pastor

What makes you different from other local wedding officiants? Why should someone hire you?
JP Says: Each of my wedding ceremonies are completely customized to my bridal couples You are very important to me and the success of your wedding is of utmost importance to me. I work directly with you in ensuring your wedding day is one of success, joy, and happiness. 

How far are you willing to travel? Is there a travel fee?
JP Says: I travel the entire South Africa. Travel fees are discussed with each couple as they vary based upon distance to the wedding location.

Do you provide guidance for the wedding ceremony program?

JP Says: Yes, I wil guide you through a typical wedding ceremony but I am also open to suggestions to make your ceremony special.

How long before the wedding ceremony can the chapel or church be available and what time must we leave by?
JP Says: If you use my church it will be available 2 hours before the ceremony starts, if your wedding is at a venue you’ll have to arrange it with them.

Do You Provide an organist or music for the chapel?
JP Says: No. you’ll have to arrange it yourself but we have a sound system available in my own church. If your wedding is at a venue you’ll have to arrange it with them.

Are there specific marriage classes/counseling we need to go through?
JP Says: I do not require pre-marital counseling, however, it is strongly suggested for the success of your marital life, even if you have known each other for years pre-marital counseling is a good idea to reach toward your marriage to last many years to come. 

What documents do I need to bring to our first meeting?
JP Says: I will require you to complete my wedding information form which can be found on my website prior to our first meeting.

Will there be any more follow-up meetings with you to prepare?
JP Says: There is only 1 consultation before the wedding day to discuss your ceremony detail.

Are there specific areas only where my photographer and videographer can stand?
JP Says: I am completely photographer and videographer friendly and your service providers may stand anywhere they like.

How much time are we allowed after the ceremony to take pictures?
JP Says: As much as you like.

Will you or someone else be available to run our rehearsal?
JP Says: Yes, but there is extra charges for rehearsals.

Are the guests allowed to throw rice or birdseed? What about bubbles?
JP Says: At my own church I only allow Rose Petals, Streamers, Bubbles and Butterflies

Are there any weddings scheduled before or after mine?
JP Says: Yes. My Team and I are able to do 4 wedding per day.

Is flash photography allowed by our photographer or guests?
JP Says:  Yes, I am completely photographer and videographer friendly and your guests are allowed to make use of flash photography.

Do my shoulders need to be covered?
JP Says: No. wear anything you like.

May we write our own wedding vows?
JP Says: Yes, but I need to see it before the ceremony, there is legal implications.

When do I need to apply for the marriage license?
JP Says: No., I will do that for you.

How long approximately will the ceremony take?
JP Says: That is entirely up to you but a normal wedding ceremony I do takes about 25 – 40 min depending on what the couple wants.

Does the church have a ramp for my handicapped guests?
JP Says: My own church is wheelchair friendly. If your wedding is at a venue you’ll have to arrange it with them.

May we select our own music or does it need to be approved?
JP Says: You may choose any music you like, no. need for approval, preferably no obsene or vulgar lyrics.

What will you wear to the ceremony?
JP Says: I wear a full suit with a tie.

Will you attend our reception and give the blessing before dinner?
JP Says: It is not necessary to invite the wedding minister to the reception but if you like I will be available for saying grace at you’re reception Unless I have a prior engagement or appointment.



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